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VIP market to grow up to 10 percent: MGM CEO

  • 2013-03-26


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MGM China’s Chief Executive Officer Grant Bowie expects Macau’s 2013 VIP market to grow by between 8 and 10 percent, Bloomberg reports.

Mr Bowie forecasts mass-market casino revenue to grow in the “mid to high teens” on a percentage basis.

He added that March casino revenue is “pretty solid”.

Union Gaming Research Macau analyst Grant Govertsen also wrote in a note that he continues to believe market-wide VIP trends remain solid with upside potential.

“We also believe as the new leadership structure in Beijing is put in place, it will ultimately be positive for the Macau market as a whole, and should lead to an uptick in VIP play in the near-term, as certain players who remained on the sidelines leading up to the leadership change begin to return to the market,” Mr Govertsen wrote.


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