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MSS Recruitment & invited as judge of the Mock Interview Competition workshop 2015

  • 2015-11-30

Ms. Jiji Tu, Managing Director of MSS Recruitment and was invited to judge of the Mock Interview Competition workshop organized by the University of Macau Postgraduate Association. The workshop aims to provide an opportunity for university students to gain live experience of interview before entering workforce, so that they can find the best possible tactics to present themselves in the future. This competition workshop is organized by the University of Macau Postgraduate Association and jointly co-organized by the Future Studies and Placement Centre Student Affairs Office and the University of Macau Alumni Association which was held on the 14th November 2015 in the University of Macau’s Venue, Macau.

There are 6 competitors from different academic year participate in the Final Round of Mock Interview Competition workshop, MS. Jiji Tu, the managing director of MSS Recruitment Ltd and 3 other judges who were Ms. Chen Fen, the director of Personal Banking Department, Mr. David Lo, the associate director of AIA International Limited and Mr. Song chaoyang, the &Human Resources Department General Manager of Nam Kwong (group) Company LTD provide live reviews to the competitors.

During the Mock interview competition workshop Ms. Jiji Tu indicated, “Personal Branding is both art and science. Personal Branding is an art because it requires you to speak eloquently, and it is a science because you have to back up what you says.” Meet with different interviewer allows candidates to beware of their attitude while facing interviewers in difference charterer. Mock interview is an incredible experience for new workforce entrants to ensure their presence is reinforces again among the many candidates who applied for the same role.