MSS Recruitment 榮獲首屆「狄恆責任型企業獎」金獎 MSS Recruitment awarded first “Deignan Award for Responsible Entrepreneurship” Gold Award

  • 2023-04-13

MSS Recruitment 榮獲首屆「狄恆責任型企業獎」

MSS Recruitment awarded first “Deignan Award for Responsible Entrepreneurship” Gold Award

圖片説明:MSS Recruitment董事總經理羅曉盈(中)與鍾志平博士太平紳士(左)、商務及經濟發展局副局長陳百里博士(右)合照留念。

(澳門,2023年4月13日) – MSS Recruitment於3月25日在香港舉行的狄恆責任型企業頒獎禮榮獲首屆「狄恆責任型企業獎」金獎,為該獎項中最高級別之殊榮。作為港澳地區29家參與企業之一,MSS Recruitment很榮幸獲得評審會的認可,以表彰其在可持續發展領域和道德商業實踐方面的良好成就。

(Macao, 13th April, 2023) – MSS Recruitment has been honored with the first “Deignan Award for Responsible Entrepreneurship” Gold Award, the highest acclaim in Deignan Award, at the Deignan Award ceremony in Hong Kong on 25 March 2023. Out of the 29 participant enterprises in Hong Kong and Macau, MSS Recruitment is honored to be recognized by the judging panel for its excellent achievements on corporate social responsibility, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria and business ethics.



The Deignan Award aims to encourage ethical business practices and engage enterprises in their drive to create sustainable business models guided by the principles of justice, solidarity and responsibility. The award aims to provide significant encouragement to key decision makers, by recognising top business leaders who exhibit exemplary behaviour in business practices that positively contribute to the common good of the society.





“The impact and power of 1 person is always so under-rated. Thomas Edison invented light bulbs which illuminated the dark, Steve Jobs alone changed the way we use mobile phones, who would have thought Father Alfred Deignan S.J. sent to Hong Kong in 1953 will today inspire the Deignan award that MSS is a recipient of. Most times we do not know what we are capable of and how consistent small efforts can impact hundreds and thousands or even millions around us.

Most of us are not taught in our educational system how important ethics, social responsibilities and accountability are in a world where businesses and politics are mainly driven by economic pursue. We forgot our happiness are always built on happiness of all because we are all inter-dependent to each other in hundreds of ways we cannot fathom. Anything you hold up in your hand is only possible because many others contributed to actualise it as a final product. The rice on your table is only possible because a farmer broke his back to plant it and after a year harvested, it was picked up by the middlemen for the processing industry, refine it and then pack and sent to the distributors, and finally to the retailers where we buy it, then your helper/ wife have to cook it to be edible. Just rice and we can’t count how many stakeholders are in it. What about our vegetables, our water, our clothes, our books, everything, everything in sight that we are using.

Given this understanding, clearly it is evident our choices impact others and theirs impact us too so any wise person who seek happiness will always make socially responsible decisions.” quoting from thank you speech after accepting the Gold Deignan award (Loh Seow Yuen, Managing Director of MSS Group)



“MSS as a SME operating in macau is proud to receive this award on behalf of all our colleagues and thank all our business partners for their support. We will continue to initiate more activities to benefit more.” said Jiji Tu, Executive Director of MSS Group.



The statement quoted the award’s Steering Committee Chairman and Macau Ricci Institute Director Stephan Rothlin S.J. as saying that the award is “an inspiring platform to showcase the powerful impact of sound values, capable of lighting up a path and making a difference in even the most challenging and competitive marketplaces.”



MSS believes in ‘being the change you want’ and global ESG initiatives are not bound by race, nationalities, religion or gender. MSS charity work around the world like China, Macau SAR, Nepal, Philippines, Vietnam, and India etc. and covers initiatives such Education, Medical, Infrastructure, Basic Livelihood Necessities & Supplies, Animal Shelter, Lives Liberation, and Environment.


新冠疫情期間的活動 Covid activities



平常的ESG活動 General ESG activities






The Deignan Award focuses on SMEs that operate within the cross-cultural centers of Hong Kong and Macao. The award winner is selected by a judging panel composed of authoritative business leaders and academic professionals. The judges assessed according to Deignan’s 5+1 values, such as upholding human dignity, displaying exceptional entrepreneurial spirit, fostering fairness, supporting the disadvantaged, and promoting environmental sustainability.


評審準則 Award Criteria

評審團透過狄恆的5個核心價值及1個提升價值(5+1價值)評估中小企業,分別是(1) 尊重人的尊嚴, (2) 尊重公平, (3) 尊重環境, (4) 尊重商業道德, (5) 尊重弱勢群體及(6) 企業精神。

SMEs are measured against 5 five core Deignan’s values plus enhancing value (5+1 values) as (1) Respecting Human Dignity, (2) Respecting Fairness, (3) Respecting the Environment, (4) Respecting Business Ethics, (5) Respecting the Disadvantaged and (6) Entrepreneurial Spirit.



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