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  • 2020-01-15



“Tell me about yourself.”



(弱)My name is George. I am 25 years old. I have a sister and a brother….

(普)I am an engineer with 10 years experience.

(強)I believe that I am the best candidate for this position because…

(強)When I was working on …project, I realized that my career goal is…





“How would people (you have worked with) describe you?”



(弱)I’m not sure. Probably easygoing.

(普)People would say that I’m responsible, enthusiastic….

(強)My supervisor would say that I always think ahead for him. For example….





“Where do you see yourself in five years?”



(弱)I would like to stay in the industry. Maybe I’ll be working for…(更大的公司,面試公司對手。)

(普)I see myself in this company, cooperating with different teams.

(強)I hope that I’ll be an account director by that time, representing client A, B, and C….

(強)I’m open to a few options….and that’s why I believe the experience here will lead me to the best decision./…and that’s why I’m excited about the marketing skills I’ll gain here.


這是你職涯藍圖中的理想工作,還是你只是來過個水?如果計畫繼續待在這裡,刻畫出你的成長,例如,現在面試的是專員(account executive),5年後你希望自己成為總監(account director),負責那些具體客戶。計畫不確定沒關係,但要讓面試官理解你對這份工作的重視,至少會穩定在這裡多久的時間。



“What is your weakness?”



(弱)I work too hard.

(普)Not that I can think of so far.

(普)I’m too much of a perfectionist sometimes.

(強)My tolerance can be low when my team members do not meet the basic requirement at work. To me, mistakes are acceptable, but not lacking self-discipline. In these cases, I communicate with the members in private and figure out how I can help each of them.






“Why are you the best person for the position?” 

“What would you bring to this position?”



(弱)I am willing to do my best.

(普)My management experience and ability to take on challenges makes me the best person for this job.

(強)My data mining ability sets me apart from other candidates. For example….

(強)I’m not just an experienced manager. All your candidates must be experienced in communication. However….


盡力是基本,對老闆或員工來說都是。看清楚這份工作的內容、徵人條件,回溯自己的經驗,找到對應的例子。「事/能力 set me apart from 人」是好用的句型,突顯你和其他應徵者的不同。